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The EmCore air filtration consists of:

  1. Filter holder

  2. Antimicrobial High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter (TiO2-coated photocatalytic air filter activated by four 1-Watt Ultraviolet A modules or copper-coated air filter)

  3. Ventilation Centrifugal Fan

  4. Power Supply with Rechargeable Batteries



Two Simple, Quick, Effective Steps of Clean Air Solution  

  1. 3mm Active Carbon Fibers: Efficient VOC and odor removal 

  2. Antimicrobial HEPA air filter : Bioaerosols control

  • Noticed that the replacement of filter duration is based on the actual frequency of usage and the environment. 

  • The antimicrobial air filter is recommended to be changed every two months for consumer product and three months for medical one to avoid increased suction resistance.



Product: About

VentiGuard™ EPM-100C

a consumer product that suggests for general use

EMP-100C adopts a shoulder-mounted design to reduce the motion resistance and avoid tube loss from physical activity

The air filtration system is positioned behind the neck to draw the environment air through the antibacterial-coated filters activated by 320nm UVA modules into the respirator

A filtered exhalation valve is applied for use in permitting the passage of exhaled air, with substantially the removal of contaminants in the view of polluting air to other persons. It opens in response to the raised pressure that allows the exhaled air in a flow passage

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VentiGuard™ EPM-110S

an advanced protection product for medical use

EMP-110S adopts a belt-mounted design to provide extra advanced protection to the wearer, targeting the medical frontline staff 

The air filtration system is held at the back of the wearer with an adjustable belt without blocking the operation of health professionals

A long flexible tube connects the outlet of the filtered air element to the inlet of the helmet vent, coupled with a position-tight clamp

A helmet would include to completely encompass the wearer’s head combating the spread of the virus

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